Acting as your one point-of-contact in Rentals and Property Management, we can manage and arrange all services you need for your apartment.  Together with LM apartment Services you can get exactly the services corresponding to your needs. Just contact us and we find a solution together!

Some of the offers you can choose from:

RENTALS AND MARKETING – we can handle all the rental administration for you and help you to market and advertise your property on LM apartment Services own web page as well as other websites. Make it easy, put your apartment up on our website.

BASIC PACKAGE and SECURITY PACKAGE – services to maintain and secure your apartment.

These packages can include collect mail, inspection of water and/or electricity meters, storage of keys, security checks, drainage checks, handing out keys to clients and inspection of the apartment after departure and more…………

ADMINISTRATION – Sometimes you might need help with the French paperwork such as banking issues, insurances issues, attending annual general co-owners’ meetings (the Assamblée Générale) subscriptions, automatic payments, Cable TV and Internet, paying bills, if you need a document to be translated   or if you need help in the French language, we are here for you.

MAINTENANCE- With our network we can help you coordinating any kind of renovations and/or small fix in your apartment. We work closely together with reputable and qualified companies and handy men.

COUNSELING – are you thinking of renting out, do you need help to put everything in place for the rental? We can help you prepare your apartment.