Partners and useful links

I know and you know that sometimes we just need someone to help us out. It can be for an advice or for something that has to be fixed in the apartment or for any urgent matter.  To be able to assist you with whatever you  need whenever you  need it, we work closely with a wide range of partners.

Here are some of the partners today;

    • Plumbers, electricians, painters and other handicraft skills
    • Renovation companies and decorators –//
    • Doctors and dentists

We are constantly looking for new Partners that can be of interest to you. If you need someone special today that is not listed here,  just send in a message, and we promise to find the right person for you.

But life is not work alone! Look under ” MORE”  and see what some  other  Partners can do for you when you visit  the ”Côte d’Azur……”